Banavih is a Bank located in Valencia, Carabobo. It is one of the 2073 banks in Venezuela. Address of Banavih is 2001,, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela. Banavih can be contacted at +58 241-8263832. Banavih is rated 2.5 (out of 5 stars) by 106 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Banavih are -

Fyr Lois (English language school) Av. 100 Bolívar Norte, Valencia 2001, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 132 meters)
Colegio Montesori (School) Valencia 2001, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 440 meters)
Ministerio de Agricultura y Tierras, Valencia, Carabobo Naguanagua 2005, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 338 meters)
Procuraduría del Estado Carabobo Valencia 2001, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 275 meters)
Banco de Venezuela (Bank) C.C, Av. 100 Bolívar Norte, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 114 meters)
Bancamiga, Guaparo Agency (Bank) Av. 100 Bolívar Norte, Valencia 2001, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 138 meters)
Banavih (Bank) 2001,, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 100 meters)
Banplus (Bank) 2001,, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 129 meters)
6XHQ+CCQ, Valencia 2001, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 123 meters)
Banco Bicentenario 2001, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela (approx. 124 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Banavih, you can also find Banco Caroní, banco plaza guaparo, , Banco Plaza, Bancaribe Guaparo, Casa Yerbabuena, Guaparo, Valencia, Carabobo, RE/MAX Caproinco, Salud en Gotas, THH Valencia, Medical College of Carabobo State, Speed Shop 01, C.A., Llego tu caucho, AutoClub MM, C.A. and many more.

There are several banks around Banavih. Banco de Venezuela, Bancamiga, Guaparo Agency, Banplus, and Banco Caroní are some of the banks near Banavih.




2001,, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela



What is the contact Number of Banavih?

Contact number of Banavih is +58 241-8263832.

What is rating of Banavih?

Rating of Banavih is 2.5 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Banavih?

Address of Banavih is 2001,, Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela.

Where is the Banavih located?

Banavih is located in Valencia, Carabobo.

What is the Banavih?

Banavih is a Bank in Venezuela

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